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Use a kite, balloon, or pole to take an aerial photo and tell your own visual story of a place. Learn more

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Img 0287 ndvi

1 near Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Sin nombre

4 near US

Dji 0713

1 near Lae, Papua New Guinea

Img 7396

22 near Ein Kareem, Jerusalem

Ocsdr h v2

8 near Retiro, Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia

Img 0211 2

1 near Gunung Keriang


1 near Lambaréné, Gabon

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Aerial Mapping Kits

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Balloon mapping

Reliable, ~1000-3000 ft high and great for groups and workshops.

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Cheap, ~500-1500 ft high and very portable, great for kids.

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Raspberry Pi Camera

Lightweight battery pack, easy to use, connects to to your laptop/phone,
great for streaming video, photos, and motion triggered capture

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Pole mapping

Cheap, ~10-40 ft high, good for gardens + yards, versatile.

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How it works

Take aerial photos

Use a kite, balloon, or pole to take aerial photos - using a camera on a timer. Or take photos out the window of an airplane.

Combine them into a map

Upload images and stretch them to create a mosaic of aerial photos, then save them as a map. See the Activities below for more!


The Public Lab community has shared a wide range of guides on aerial mapping.


Our peer-support community has asked and answered all kinds of questions about aerial mapping. Browse or dig deeper on