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About MapKnitter

MapKnitter 2 is a free and open source software created and run by Public Lab to to upload your own aerial photographs.

MapKnitter can make maps from any image source, but it particularly lends itself to making maps with balloons and kites. The manual process of making maps with MapKnitter differs greatly from automated aerial imaging systems. In those systems, the imaging is of higher precision and processed with spatial and telemetry data collected along with the imagery, typically at higher altitudes and with consistent image overlap in the flight path sequence.

MapKnitter is hosted through a donation of server space by Rackspace.

Open Source Softwares and Work that we use:

10917 maps hosted

271792 images uploaded

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MapKnitter is hosting 2774 completed maps of an average resolution of 24 cm per pixel. Images average. Currently exporting 0 maps.


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0 cm/px 40 cm/px